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Though your project will be treated with individuality, one attribute still remains the same... Planning. Without this essential aspect, a project will not have the benefit of a smooth and timely launch. We have found, with our experience, that planning will not only save us both time and money but also increases our partnership and friendship together.

Planning and development is not a one-sided concept either. You must factor in the need for a web site, content, how building a web site fits in your time and budget, the industry impact, the kind and marketing needed in order to fully utilize this investment and when to market.

These are our to guidelines when planning the project...

Stage One
Gain Focus and Concept of project and needs, including demographics
Research client's Industry, including their own impact, and Pin Point Key Competition
Consult and confirm direction of the web site
Reality Check - A step back to ensure that we each have made the optimal decisions.

Stage Two
Collect all available material and content
Develop up to Three Design Concepts/Treatments
Get Approval and suggestions from client
Reality Check - A competence review of each of our roles.

Stage Three
Make necessary changes to chosen design concept
Get final approval over design concept from client
Begin Development