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A site that inspires awe is always nice thing. We can artistically design stunning intros, cool effects, interactive menu systems, product showcases, or even complete sites that are enabled by Macromedia Flash.

One of the most interesting things about Flash and how it has become a part of the Internet is that in lieu of making a site in all Flash, developers have found that actually integrating it into the design is just as, if not more, powerful.

This technology, though one of the best things that ever happened, is not traditionally as functional, easy to get around in, or search engine friendly as an non-Flash or semi-Flash site to an inexperienced user.

So consider this: Your demographics. Business owners spend hundreds and thousands on sites just like this and their visitors don't have broadband connections; as a result a site owner ends up loosing sales because the page simply took too long to load.

Also be sure that your visitors and industry are savvy netizens before investing in major Flash work or making your project into an all Flash web site. Sometimes less is more.

We are not trying to steer you away from this, or asking you settle for less, because Flash can and has proved to be very useful in marketing all types of products and services and getting attention. Though there is a time and place.

We want to empower you with the knowledge, results, and evolution that we have witnessed and been a part of over the years - not just take your money, with you ending up having to ask us - "Hey, What Happened"?