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Ready to place your products online? We have an excellent solution for this task. After trying out a few shopping carts which were developed by others, we found that we were simply not secure about using them for our clients' needs. So we began development of a shopping cart enterprise system that would enable the online store owner to have more control and functionality.

Logix Cart is our very own eCommerce system. That means we know and understand every single line of code that we wrote into it and can even customize it for your needs without just pretending like we know what we're doing.

Many web developers can't say that... they would just a soon place your important products in a system they don't fully understand and charge you three times more than what they paid, and many scripts are free.

Getting started with a eCommerce site can be and usually is a major project and shouldn't be entered without understading the basics. It's a lot of work and we found that most clients would like to know more about what is fully involved in starting one, before they do. So here is a primary list of what is needed before you decide to move ahead: