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We are a progressive internet solutions company focusing on development for the practical internet.

With clientele across the nation, BlueCharm has diverse experience with a myriad of industries, projects, and web technology that ultimately benefits the client by evolving them ahead of their competition.

This company was formed in August of 1997 on the idea that we could be a part of the growth of companies who wanted a friend in the industry while still benefiting from professional Internet service and receiving personal attention on their project.

As a result, over the years we have become a part of families and often times are invited to and attend birthday parties, social functions, and even fishing trips with our clients.

Our basis of service is reliant on the clients' satisfaction with their world wide web project and we are here to serve you as a conduit to your successful online venture.

We proudly offer our service with confidence and integrity and hope to work with you on your next project.



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